Forex at changi airport

Money-changing goes high-tech with an ATM in the heartlands

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Travelex Moneychanger | Changi Airport

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The Low Down on Singapore Currency

Changi Airport, Changi Recommends booths across Terminal 1, 2, 3 and 4; +65 (24 Hours); call@ Book Now. Overseas. From the Euro to the Rupiah to the Peso, they have more than 60 currencies available. You would also be pleased to know that Travelex outlets are located across all three terminals here at Changi Airport. Buying and selling currency for your business trips and vacations couldn't be easier.

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FXC Plus Kiosk

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Singapore Hotels and Places to Stay

Visitors will have no problem changing their US dollars for Singaporean currency in any of the many moneychangers or banks throughout the island. Lower expectations simply do not apply — Singapore is a thoroughly modernized nation, and visitors can expect to play by the same money rules as they would in London or New York.

5 Centres to Exchange Money in Singapore: Best Rates

This is good news for travelers looking to explore Singapore's varied shopping scene and tax-free retail situation ; most shops take plastic and good, hard cash with no trouble at all. The Singapore dollar SGD, known on the street as the "sing-dollar" is Singapore's official unit of currency.

Inside Singapore Changi Airport's New $1.3 Billion Lifestyle Hub

The Brunei dollar is also legal tender in Singapore on a exchange rate, owing to an agreement between the two tiny Southeast Asian nations. Many stores will accept these denominations, including travelers' cheques, at a slightly lower rate compared to those of moneychangers. Singapore is a major Asian financial hub, so it has a fully developed banking and exchange system.

Money can be changed in banks and authorized moneychangers everywhere in the city-state. Look for a "Licensed Money Changer" sign to be assured of prompt and honest service.

Local Currency of Singapore

The denominations will be given according to availability. In each country, the kiosks would typically accept the local currency in addition to a few more popular currencies for that region. Is it true Singapore is extremely boring? Photo: TravelersBox. If you have access to a computer you can check ''Forex'' on the ''Mustafa's'' web site, and that will give you a guide as to what the best rates are likely to be.

Moneychangers' exchange rates are competitive with those of banks even better, because moneychangers don't charge service fees. Many moneychangers sell many other currencies besides Singapore dollars, but you should inquire first. Banks also will change your dollars to local currency.

Currency Exchange in Singapore - Currency Rates & Where To Exchange

There's a bank on every corner to do business with, although banks may charge a flat fee of SGD3. Banks are open from a. Most machines allow Visa or Mastercard withdrawals. Major credit cards are accepted islandwide.